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California Redemption - Concept of democracy lyrics

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Concept of democracy by California Redemption

Darkness comes like the tide rolling in.
Like the ashes of a dwindling fire blowing in the wind.
So natural, there's never question.
You never had to read a book to know about it.
You take life for granted, you never question.
You close your eyes, plug your ears, and never listen.
But truth be told, you
When you think your vote won
Know that giving up is giving consent not to be considered or have a say.
People think thinking is a waste of their time because they'll never make a difference alone.
And the reason they believe is 'cause others gave up their right to be heard and be known.
But you
we can work with each other and do what we can to better the world through policy.
If we all sat back and waited for others to initiate a change
we might get what we want or something much worse but mostly things stay the same.
The government is based on the will of the people and enough people can rearrange it all.
But it all starts with writing a letter, casting your vote, or making a call.
Attend a demonstration for an important cause for which you care and believe.
Try to live the ideals that manifest in your head and give your representatives no reprieve.
Make them f**king work for it.
If you truly care about your role in the world you simply can
Work together and challenge what's here because if you don't what the hell will you gain?
We have to begin right now, look what the delay has cost.
Every hour passing by is another hour lost.
Now. Not in the next few days.
Now. Not in an hour or two.
Now, not in the next few minutes when we say now we mean it.
Like waves crashing in beating on the shore breaking down the rocks to the sand we adore.
Today you see jagged rocky shorelines. We'll see sandy beaches in no time.

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