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California Redemption - Dor shalem doresh shalom lyrics

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Dor shalem doresh shalom by California Redemption

I can’t believe my eyes when I see you get sucked in.
Think about where you’re going, can’t believe that you gave in.
You never cease to amaze me with your stupidity.
I told you things would get f**ked up. Its okay, don’t believe me.
Don’t go. It’s not a good cause.
Don’t die. It’s not worth it.
Don’t lie. You know what I mean.
Don’t go. It’s not your cause.
Don’t fight. It’s not worth it.
Don’t kill. It’s not your war.
So what the hell is wrong with you? Go on go to war.
I told you not to get sucked in but your listening skills are poor.
I thought you were serious when you said "its all bullsh*t".
Well, now you’re gonna die. I hope you think that it’s worth it.
I watched as you were sucked in by your country’s propaganda.
Now you want to try and save the day just when your country needs you.
You’ll fight with courage and valor ‘till your enemies are slaughtered.
If you think parades and medals await, well, you’ve already been forgotten.
Don’t go. Don’t fight. Don’t go. Don’t die.
I don’t want my friends to die.

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