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Braintax - Peace lyrics

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Peace by Braintax

You know I’m moving on a positive course
In the future plan to have a 100 acres of sorts
On my ranch in France, barbecues in the summer
Cash Money’s on the decks cuttin’ up Funky Drummer
My kids run around freestylin’ with their friends
Me and my girl plus my friends and their wives get the bends
Smoking prime marijuana picked straight off the stem
Breaking competition and my son scores a 10
Everybody to the lake at the top of the estate
Life’s great! Me and my Brazilian mate Joselito
bought a crate of the finest live bait
So we push out the boats, just an hour to wait
Fresh skate on the barbi everybody congregate
Fresh fish that’s my favourite dish, pass your plate
Cos tonight we watch the sunset contented
Everybody saying ‘Peace’ and I know that they meant it…
I’ll leave my spirit in the garden like Marlon
And bury me up in the orchard but leave at least a yard on
I’ll be growing still, absorbing knowledge at a crazy rate
an*lyse the soil contemplating on my lazy state
Yeah I’m chillin’ down here with the worms
Now I’m gone though, I don’t have to worry about germs
I’m spreading out my carbon giving back to life
Spreading heat through the ground to my kids and wife
It’s not the afterlife, it’s just the way we still affect
Piece of pie, peace of mind plus a helping of respect
Focus on the wide sky, white wine
Rising early with the sun and watch the stars all night
Yeah the future’s bright
The future’s Resting On Your Godly Breath - Inner Vision
(Rainbow) that’s if you get my drift
I feel my sense like I’m sitting with my son on a cliff
Watch the sunset and face the wind smoking a spliff
Peace like the time you wake up and you can lie there
And feel well-balanced irrespective of the nightmare
Today’s another day kinda like the other 6
Weetabix..check my emails….
J Christie soundscapes, you fill in the details
My thoughts spark pre-sales
I’m trying to get off this rock before the sea swells
My peace gels better everyday if I save
But if I spend it all at once heading for an early grave give me……..

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