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Braintax - Exit lyrics

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Exit by Braintax

I’m all up in your brain like…[drugs]
Robbie Burns-style chilling in these winter woods
Kinda humanist, all I really want is good
I feel hate sometimes but I suppress them thoughts
Now some people don’t and their face contorts
And other folks won’t, it’s their main support
On the pavement screwing at the slightest nudge
Petty grudge, harsh words, so quick to judge
Everybody here whispers on the bus
Paranoid eyes look away
If you cause a fuss still get away
No-one’s up for looking out for who’s next door
Want a quiet life rather never see the poor
Spare change? Not likely we can just afford a glance
By the cashpoint tramps with the drunken dance
And we’d like to help, but I’m trying to get rich
And I’m going for self and yeah life’s a b**ch
Don’t you know it - we feel ashamed but won’t show it
Is the difference I take my chance and you blow it ?
I do believe in the power of choice
But through the outside pressure can you keep your voice ?
I’m only here cos I’m tryin’ to get out
I’m only certain that I’m living in doubt
Move yourself, wake up like know yourself
stay you then grow your wealth
I know the negative sh*t don’t help come on move yourself
Living with the aftershock of a million woes
Now who’s quick to mock like their heart just froze
And waves splash the rocks like the land erodes
Like the liver rots slow when the brandy flows
Or egos melt when you’re all alone
And your friends are props that nowadays don’t phone
Debt strips men down, takes away your house,
disregards your class and anulls your credit rating
We sit debating who’s playa-hating
And think life’s hard cos the heating’s broke
So the cold’s penetrating while I’m tapping on the Playstation
It’s all relative
We stay neutral and never give
That Sky Digital sh*t is like a sedative
I watch the news and stay thankful for how I live
So why the hell can’t I help this man
with the nerve to approach me with an empty hand
Put some money in them little envelopes for charity
It could be me in 5 years clinging on to sanity
The only truth’s that there is no truth
So don’t judge me and I won’t judge you
I’m only here cos I’m tryin’ to get out
I’m only certain that I’m living in doubt
Weak minds can’t advance
But I’ll jump for the money given half the chance
Cos no matter how good you get, you get dragged down
Big competition and I wanna opt-out
Wanna be where I ‘m rich if my pocket’s in drought
Not running through life with the silent movie shout
And give to the needy cos society is wicked
But I’m still Braintax saving for a plane ticket
I have to make a point, don’t like it ? stick it
We all live selfish lives, come on admit it
And our morals catch twists talking plastic chat we live swish
Fat cats trying to feast on fish…..
I’m only here cos I’m tryin’ to get out
I’m only certain that I’m living in doubt……

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