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Braintax - Last date lyrics

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Last date by Braintax

I’m stood waiting, waiting for this girl to appear
It’s been 40 minutes and I’m still here
The last train’s due and that’s just like you
I’m in the station - hard, concrete fridge
By this pieced-up bridge
She’s always f#@*^n’ late and doesn’t even see the p**stake
Been 2 years and I’m still living in my first mistake
I’m standing here with a stray frost bitin’
And December air stinging my nose
My grip tightens on my stone hands
See, I know she isn’t with another man
She just takes her time because she really doesn’t give a damn
And when she’s finally here she’s all smiling
No apology, I could have been chillin on my island
But how am I ? You don’t know cos you don’t even care to ask
Arrogant, assuming that I’m happy and we’re gonna last
And fail to see the way you mess with my head
I feel to dis you - call out my ex’s name in bed
Now, defeat you or attack you ? Do neither I play statue
For every wise response, a sly remark, I can’t match you
Cos logic’s out the widow and reason’s out the door
I’m looking hard at it like tracks by Main Source
Of course I’m vexed, you say I want you for [what !?]
We’re going nowhere, moving round in circles, jogging on the spot
It’s all so familiar now but back then
You were bringing up things I said way back when…
Flashing all the right smiles trying to twist my friends
Why is the way you act so irrational ?
It’s like talking to a brick wall about the price of cement
Demented ways of acting that defy all sense
Not your time of the month it’s just your time to waste time
Letting off steam, breaking sh*t, trying to rip my rhymes
…Put the pad down slowly please take a step back
and don’t even think about going for the multi-track…
You got a temper like Flashman, bully-styles late night
My mum and dad are in the next room, stay quiet
You give me more sh*t than teachers did
You need to smoke some of this and calm down quick
Arguing’s an option but there’s got to be a reason
And by the way, I don’t respond to blackmail either
See I’m a true believer in some self-respect
And I’m about to call your bluff if you’re threatenin’ to jet
I can’t stand slanging matches, I retreat into my shell
Only cos you won’t listen while you’re giving me hell
I’d like to call an an*lyst or just record the conversation
Just to make you listen to it and point out the contradictions
I’m tired of listenin’, you can’t believe I’m faithful
You’re p**sed off cos I’m not eternally grateful
You’re the funny type, then again, similar to many of my friends
Same sh*t, different girl, time and again
The same hassles, the same game and the same end
The same blend, the best ever when it’s time for bends
A firework, ready for war with me
But I’m just tryin’ to write a rhyme right now and drink my tea
Why you startin’ on me ?
See, I was thinking we were team-mates
And don’t be tryin’ to tell me that it’s over cos you’re too late……..
I’m not psychic
I’m not a sidekick

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