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Adam Sandler - Let It Out, Davey lyrics

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Let It Out, Davey by Adam Sandler

Davey: What the heck is happening right now?
Footlocker guy:
Something that should have happened 20 years ago.
Time to cry, Davey, over.
What? Get out of here, I'm leaving...
GNC bottle:
You can run from Whitey, but you ain't gonna run from us.
Footlocker guy:
We all heard what happened at the skating rink today,
When Whitey brought up your sad past,
You snapped and walked away,
Well maybe they're on to something that you should give a try,
Go ahead and let it out and have yourself a cry
Wooden child soldiers:
Let it out, Davey
Aw, shut your wooden mugs
Let it out, Davey
GNC bottle:
Would you check out her bazugs!
You want me to deal with pain,
Well cheers is what I say!
GNC bottle:
This is stuff that numbs the pain,
It don't make it go away
Candy box lady:
You try to act so tough
Footlocker guy:
But you just live a liiiie!
Why don't you show your feminine side and have yourself a cry
(GNC bottle howls)
Java cup:
Let it out, Davey
I'll pour you down the sink
You gotta do it, Davey
Ya'll can bite my dink
You lame-o's and lo-mo's are wasting your time,
Makin' me sit here,
'Cause nothing you can say or do,
Will make me shed a tear
He possesses a strong spirit,
And won't let down his guard
Footlocker guy:
So now we'll bring in the big guy,
His beautiful Chanukah card
Take it Davey, might have money in it, over.
Davey's Dad:
Happy Chanukah, to our wonderful son,
Davey's Mom:
You fill our lives with joy
Both parents:
Don't ever change the way you are,
You beautiful, 12 year old boy

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