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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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The film is about a man-legend, which he was during his lifetime. About the ups and downs. About what he has created, and how he was moved from it. About what this person means for the society and through which dramatic negative points he had to pass before became apparent that Steve Jobs is the one, who is essential to the functioning of huge empire, which was called as Apple. Everyone knows the story of the name of the corporation, which is now the most expensive in the world. But not everyone knows that Pixar and many more offspring – is the work of the same person, Steve.
It is about huge failures and greatest successes. It is about how to build a company # 1 and being fired from it. It is about how you re-launch the whole idea and win billions of minds and even more dollars.
Very inspiring, very loud and very professional. It is about genies. It is about a man, in the end. About Steve Jobs. From Danny Boyle and by Michael Fassbender. You will learn how he created his company. But even more, you'll learn about his private life, and how he fought with himself in the last days of life.
The film did not collect more than what has been spent on it, even during the two months of run, with a rather small budget of USD 30 million. The audience probably tired of stories about Apple, Jobs and all the things that any of it was due. This is not the first movie about Steve. Even during his life at least two films emerged and two more – after death. They did not have serious commercial successes, as if the Universe itself doesn’t want his name to be imprinted in the memory other way, but as IT-genius and the same brilliant marketer.
In recreation of good memory about him Bob Dylan helps (Times They Are A-Changin, Shelter From The Storm or Meet Me in the Morning) with Joni Mitchell along.

November, 11th 2016


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