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Southpaw  Album Cover

Southpaw Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

Southpaw Tracklist

Southpaw album description:

Pretty gloomy movie, filled with a number of consecutive events, reflecting the increasingly deep fall of the main character, an ex-boxer, after the tragic death of his wife, with bright, but tense comeback. Filled with hard truth of life, as well as the soundtrack to it, the main theme was set by the unbeaten maestro James Horner – this alive legend of Hollywood. The rest of the music which is a mostly black (50 Cent , R.N.S. and others) and white rap ( Eminem ), deeply immerses the viewer of a film into the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen, showing the inner world of the hero and what’s around him, and we understand that they are completely gloom.
Kari Kimmel is a rare exception to the general mood of the song collection. She plays not so sad music, but still isn’t cheerful enough so it could appear carefree. The Pentagons, these "blasts from the past" did not bring a motley note into collection, because we understand that this song almost accidentally sounded in one scene of the film, which is not such a hopeless dark and so was included to these 14 basic + 24 additional tracks. Composition Wise Man by Frank Ocean breathes with sadness and even the performance of one is sad.
Rap fans and those who are in a state of permanent anguish should like this collection.

December, 02nd 2016


IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

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