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The romantic story about a musician from a provincial town suddenly wakes up the next morning being a big star. Not to say that he did not went the whole way to do so. Instead, he invested all of him, and even a little more in order to achieve success and recognition. But when it happened, he became a complete stranger for his charming beautiful wife. And even worse – he was cheating on her with some girl who plays on stage with him. Forgetting that in his home, a few hundred miles away, there are wife and child who need him, not his money, fame and the fans who went to his head.
Will our hero overcome the attack of the star disease and will he return to what was and is truly worthy? Can he transcend his dream, abandon it, to be with his family? Or will he drop the "anchor" for the benefit of the good life, concerts and countless fans that make up the whole meaning of life of musicians performing on stage? After all, this addiction as an infinite adoring attention is not giving up so simple – it is more addictive than the real psychotropic substances that people take to feel the euphoria. To find answers to these questions, you have to look at this romantic and entertaining film in which a lot of empathy for the two main characters.
The musical accompaniment is done mainly by two people – the main hero of the screen, Alan Powell (he owns most of the songs in a collection) and his musical companion in the film, Caitlin Nicol-Thomas, his stage partner. Most of the music is performed – no surprise – in the same genre, in which the singers do, country + pop. The most illustrative examples are the following compositions: The Song (Awaken Love), You Made Me Love You or Confetti. This collection gives a very good mood, do not miss it.

February, 01st 2017


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