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Slumdog Millionaire Album Cover

Slumdog Millionaire Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2008

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Slumdog Millionaire album description:

This film of 2008 has included several Indian stars in the cast, like Irrfan Khan & Anil Kapoor. Along with them, it gave fame to two previously unknown people: Dev Patel and Freida Pinto (she also co-starred in the major role in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes & in the upcoming in 2018 Jungle Book, another re-make of Rudyard Kipling’s writing). A life thriller is associated with Freida Pinto, when her father was going to sell her for large amount of dollars to local Indian rich fellow, motivating it as she had become a star, so she must have been worthy of something.
This film was one of those, which cause your blood to cease flowing in veins & you only hatefully or sympathetically watch after heroes’ lives & those misfortunes or adventures that cause their growing up. Someone is trapped in bad people’s hands & is deprived of vision in frightening circumstances, like Paper Planes delivers to the mind. Others steal the tourists’ shoes to sell them on the streets immediately to gain a few coins for living. Yet other kids are beaten almost to the death, when they are caught in stealing from rich people’s food table, desiring to eat not to starve to death. Therefore, this movie reflects the screaming inequity of the different social strata in the Indian society. Danny Boyle has perfectly chosen the filming background – India is the capital of contrasts, where Taj Mahal is contrasted to incredibly dirty wastewaters just right after the corner. No wonder this contrast even more shaded with locally made songs. Aaj Ki Raat & Jai Ho not only say of local themes in sound & lyrics, but have become hallmarks of this motion picture. Several instrumental songs with have here lyrics, specifically emphasizing the greatness of the moment. Here you find no great names, only locals – M.I.A. or Rahman.

August, 23rd 2016

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