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Sleeping Beauty Soundtrack CD. Sleeping Beauty Soundtrack

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Sleeping Beauty lyrics

Soundtrack for Cartoon, 1995

A Cottage in the Woods (Instrumental)


A Fairy Tale Come True (Instrumental)


A Secret Revealed (Instrumental)


An Unusual Prince/Once Upon a Dream (Instrumental)


Aurora's Return/Maleficent's Evil Spell (Instrumental)


Awakening (Instrumental)


Battle With the Forces of Evil (Instrumental)


Do You Hear That?/I Wonder




Forbidden Mountain (Instrumental)


Hail to the Princess Aurora


Magical House Cleaning/Blue or Pink (Instrumental)


Main Title: Once upon a Dream/Prologue


Maleficent's Frustration (Instrumental)


Poor Aurora/Sleeping Beauty


Prince Phillip Arrives/How to Tell Stefan (Instrumental)


Skumps (Drinking Song)/The Royal Argument


The Burning of the Spinning Wheels/The Fairies Plan (Instrumental)


The Gifts of Beauty and Song/Maleficent Appears/True Love Conquers All (Instrumental)