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Saturday Night Fever Album Cover

“Saturday Night Fever” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 1996

“Saturday Night Fever” Track List with Lyrics

Saturday Night Fever album description:

Soundtrack: Saturday Night Fever (1996)


The "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack, which saw a release date in 1996, served as a hallmark of the energetic and vibrant epoch of disco, marked by its intensive beats, enthralling tunes, and the unavoidable aura of the late 70s. This re-released compilation from the original 1977 edition stands as a cornerstone in movie soundtracks' evolution, efficiently condensing the disco milieu's quintessence.

Harmonious Arrangement and Performers

Concerted largely by Bee Gees, the group whose name turned out to be a symbol for disco music, this soundtrack is an embodiment of their musical prowess. Illustrious tracks "Stayin' Alive," "How Deep Is Your Love," and "Night Fever" have become synonymous with disco anthems, shaping an era. However, the album does accumulate tracks from other contributing artists, augmenting a wide diversity of the disco movement.

Impression and Aftermath

"Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack has become an instrumental figure in spreading disco music across the globe, breaking the barriers of celluloid to emerge as a cultural marvel. It not only shades music production methods, but also the fashion, dance, and societal drifts of that period. Its re-release in 1996 aimed to reignite the disco sentiment among newer listeners, providing, simultaneously, a polished experience for the original album fanatics.

Flick: Saturday Night Fever (1996)


Set against the lively atmosphere of Brooklyn, New York, in the 1970s, "Saturday Night Fever" unfolds a gripping tale encompassing ambition, identity, and the getaway concealed in the era's discotheques. It is centres around Tony Manero, a young Italian-American from the working class. He finds comfort and a medium of expression in dancing, providing a relief from his pedestrian life.

Direction and Acting

Under John Badham's directorial helm, the movie paints a crude yet lifelike picture of city life during the disco wave. John Travolta introduces Tony Manero to the viewers with a captivating and intricate portrayal, grappling with his character's dreams and internal conflict. His depiction, particularly in the dance numbers, has become monumental, consolidating his reputation as a celebrated actor.

Social Impact

More than a mere reel of film, "Saturday Night Fever" made a striking cultural commentary that struck a chord with the younger generation. It spotlighted the disco era, which encompassed more than just tunes and dance. For the young populace, it was a form of expression. With its intricate depiction of the fashion, music, and dance of the era, the film's imprint on popular culture remains indelible, shaping the understanding and vision of the disco platforms.

Reception and Assessment

At the time of its release, critics praised it for its raw storytelling, animated dance sequences, and the rousing soundtrack. It offered viewers a glimpse into a vibrant and multilayered subculture. Its 1996 re-release cemented its status as an iconic film, reintroducing it to a younger audience while rejuvenating its original viewers.

May, 07th 2014

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