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Rocky The Musical Soundtrack CD. Rocky The Musical Soundtrack

Rocky The Musical lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2014

February, 03rd 2017

Rocky The Musical album description:

This collection was written by Stephen Flaherty, who is responsible for all the music presented here. This is fun-filled musical on Broadway. The main character, besides the fact that he acted a boxer, is an extremely music fellow and he sings the bigger part throughout the plot. If you listen to the entire collection, song by song, you may understand that Andy Karl, a musical actor, sang overwhelming majority of compositions from it, despite the fact that musical possesses participation of about a dozen another people.
The peculiarity of the fact that all the songs are recorded in advance, as the dynamism of what is happening on the scene often leaves short breath to sing and to perform the movements that are provided by the plot.
All musical selection is monotonous but it is not a disadvantage of this musical, but rather, the golden rule of Broadway itself. The opening theme taken from a well-known composition "Eye of a tiger", despite the fact that it is called Ain't Down Yet. There are highly strong duets of Andy Karl with Margo Seibert, for example, in The Flip Side or Happiness.
The plot in its performances completely recreates the story twists that happened in the first part of the movie Rocky with Sylvester Stallone. Some boxer trains, cherishing the dream to win and to become a champion. Simple story on the scene portrayed in different ways. The viewer sees the training area and his small apartment, where even breathing is hard, not to mention living.
It is these people become great in future. They have lots of intentions, but their life is limited at the dawn of their fate. Because of this, they know how to fight and all their future drives them forward. They have strong memories of childhood / youth about how badly they lived and it allows them not to relax and always seek their goals, no matter what!


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