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Rock the Kasbah Album Cover

Rock the Kasbah Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

Rock the Kasbah Tracklist

Rock the Kasbah album description:

Leem Lubany, who is an actress here, sings best of all that we have heard. Bill Murray accidentally bumps into her talent along the way. Zooey Deschanel also performs a song here. According to the plot, she is his protégé originally, but has been lost in the vast expanses of Afghanistan, in the middle of nowhere.
The film, though released recently, brought very bad cash for the first and second weekend. So after three weeks of running it has collected only USD 2.4 M vs. USD 15 M that were spend on its production. The acting is bad enough in general. Most of positions the aging Bill gave up, who no longer has the charm of carefree cynical booby hating people that he could be proud of before. Last time he showed this brilliant line in role in the film named Groundhog day, where he was not so shockingly cynical.
History isn’t loved by the American audience – some fameless singer from Afghanistan (where is it on the map at the first place? Or may it be some sort of cafe?) is being produced by a hero of Bill, to participate in the some local song contest. For some reason, there is Bruce Willis included in the film, who plays a tough guy (he already has no other images for many years).
The music accompaniment, on the contrary, is very elegant. One of the best in recent months. Here we have such colossal music monsters as Knockin on Heaven's Door, Smoke On The Water or Wild World. There are writers and singers like Cat Stevens and David Bowie. Performance of stunning quality gives a lot of fun and the hand itself stretches to buy this collection and enjoy it again and again in a circle. Not for the purpose of advertising, but with the aim to promote its greatness – we estimate the soundtrack as 10 out of 10.

November, 14th 2016


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