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Rio, I Love You Album Cover

Rio, I Love You Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

Rio, I Love You Tracklist

Rio, I Love You album description:

The film, which was shot in the wave of the general popularity of the genre of filming stories about a particular city. It all started with the New York. Many liked this approach and now about 20 films are already shot about different cities of the heap of the world’s countries. The style of filming is usually the same standard as here – a few directors do their mini-stories that can be combined or not. They tell something sweet, reassuring, or evil and frightening. But still concluded with happy ending. Several large super-stars among the top one attracted to participate. The same as here, Harvey Keitel, Vincent Cassel and Vanessa Paradis.
12 directors were involved doing this film, among which the most famous is John Turturro.
The plot of the film is difficult to summarize, as here the viewer watches as much as 12 stories – that is, 12 plots. Just the same number as biblical.
Collection of music is replete with slow melodies. Complete dominance is given to the pop genre (for example, Copo Vazio or Your Light – one of two songs of the collection, which performed in English. The other languages incorporations are such – French, Italian and Spanish).
Also, there are blues songs like Rio, Eu Te Amo. Vanessa Paradis, except that acts in the film, even performs one song. And a joyful man like Luiz Gonzaga singing probably the brightest, lightest melody in the whole collection. The only one that charges with cheerfulness and joy, unlike all the others that bring only melancholy and relaxation, until the complete sleepiness.
Beautiful content for the evening, which should be good along with the accompaniment as this.

January, 31st 2017


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