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Pretty In Pink Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 1986

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Pretty In Pink album description:

This film is nothing serious. Motions pictures like this one are produced by hundreds every year. Maybe the reason why it has become popular in its time is that it had jumped in the right wave? Judge for yourself: it grossed USD 40 million in 1986, which is around USD 100 M for now. The second, it has mod people singing old-fashioned for now, but very in-stream music of that times, like Left of Center by Suzanne Vega. Or Do Wot You Do by INXS. Even the very name of the latter speaks about disintegration of rules to behave to the puritan society in the brains of the young generation. Well it is pretty obvious that protest is an ordinary thing in the brain of every normal person, who is growing up or who feels himself an individual, not a part of surrounding bevy. That is why characters with distinguishable haircuts and hairdos attract attention. That is why protest music evolves all the time, as no matter what genre and culture it belongs, it has one thing common – it captivates the young minds. The latter are in abundance here. Though none of them became big star, for the generation who are now over 35 years old, they still are the personification of true freedom, new love sensations and limit frames of the time when they were growing up.
Some of the song makers like The Psychedelic Furs are vivid example of free will and the same free preferences in music they do and lyrics they write. And what about the song ‘Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want’? 15 lines of lyrics only, nice voice, and very unsophisticated meaning with pretty face. It is like begging of a guy to a girl, where he asks her to give him the possibility of intimate proximity. This pop ballad creates the required mood and we hope that this guy have reached what he’d been striving for.

August, 01st 2016

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