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Planes: Fire & Rescue Soundtrack CD. Planes: Fire & Rescue Soundtrack

Planes: Fire & Rescue lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

(It's) Hip to Be Cad (Instrumental)


A Special Kind of Plane (Instrumental)


All In

Brad Paisley 

An All New Mayday (Instrumental)


Behind Enemy Lines (Instrumental)


Blade Is Down (Instrumental)


Blazin' Blade Mystery (Instrumental)


Cad (Instrumental)


Cheers (Instrumental)


Dusty Crash Lands (Instrumental)


Dusty Saves the Day (Instrumental)


Evacuation (Instrumental)


Fire by the Lodge (Instrumental)


Fire Heroes (Instrumental)


Fire! (Instrumental)


Harvey & Winnie (Instrumental)


Lightning Storm Fire (Instrumental)


Loopin' Lopez (Instrumental)


Main Title (Instrumental)


Mystery of Blaze-Lightning (Instrumental)


Nobody Has Your Gear Box (Instrumental)


Out of Production (Instrumental)


Pontoons (Instrumental)


Propwash (Instrumental)


Rescue Harvey & Winnie (Instrumental)


Runway Romance

Brad Paisley 

Sad Mayday (Instrumental)


Saving Dusty (Instrumental)


Still I Fly

Spencer Lee 

Tourist Trapped (Instrumental)


Training Dusty (Instrumental)


We Got the Gear Box (Instrumental)


You Had Us Worried (Instrumental)


February, 11th 2017

Planes: Fire & Rescue album description:

Almost entirely instrumental accompaniment and only a few songs are of different identity. They all have a much smoothed sound, regardless of the genre, whether it is country music (Runway Romance) or pop (Still I Fly). All instrumental tracks made by Mark Mancina, who wrote the music for the first series of the same cartoon, which was called unpretentious – Planes. While the first part has raised more than USD 250 million, the second one gained little fewer and with the same budget of 50 million collected 150 million, visibly less. Nobody talk of 3rd part now, since the box office’s success is not that obvious. The second part is more similar to some toy game of two young boys, one ride with airplane, and the second has a fire machine. We don’t see mush humor in this cartoon and everything in general is based on these planes’ cuteness. And their colorfulness, like everything around.
Brad Paisley is not a very famous artist, but he is the one that is needed by Disney – he looks amazingly cute for young girls and brings them to this film as cockroaches on a drop of jam on the floor. He can do country and rock, as we have heard in this collection. His work has received good and very stylized soft sound, with no corners and unnecessary add-ons. Smooth as Disney always does.
A typical representative of the instrumental series is Propwash – the same sound, like almost all the other pieces of music in the cartoon. Well, actually, such wordless compositions look fit here.
Reference: 'Planes: Fire & Rescue' - find more info on Wikipedia and IMDb

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