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Pinocchio Soundtrack CD. Pinocchio Soundtrack

4.2/5 (21 vote)

Pinocchio lyrics

Soundtrack for Cartoon, 1992

A Real Boy (Instrumental)


Angry Cricket (Instrumental)


Clock Sequence (Instrumental)


Coach to Pleasure Island (Instrumental)


Deep Ripples (Instrumental)


Desolation Theme (Instrumental)


Give a Little Whistle


Hi-diddle-dee (An Actor's Life For Me)

Walter Catlett 

I've Got No Strings

Dickie Jones 

Kitten Theme (Instrumental)


Lesson in Lies (Instrumental)


Little Wooden Head (Instrumental)


Message From the Blue Fairy (Instrumental)


Monstro Awakens (Instrumental)


Off To School (Instrumental)


Old Geppetto (Instrumental)


Sad Reunion (Instrumental)


Sinister Stromboli (Instrumental)


So Sorry (Instrumental)


The Blue Fairy (Instrumental)


To the Rescue (Instrumental)


Transformation (Instrumental)


Turn On The Old Music Box (Instrumental)


Whale Chase (Instrumental)


When You Wish Upon a Star

Cliff Edwards