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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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Peanuts album description:

Cartoon that through the lens of a simple display of complex things is aimed at the entire audience – from small to large. That will be interesting to watch to the children and adults. That was shot in an unusual manner – something an average between the dolls and modeling with plasticine characters. In which a lot of good and positive music, a lot of nice and understandable emotions. How this is – a new guy in your little world? What is he like? This is a girl? Cool!
Such a cartoon, which for sure will gather a large audience nearby the screens, music producers tried to create an excellent selection. Here are different genres, beginning from pop to rock. Flo Rida and David Guetta. And a lot of other great singers, who were in a hurry to discover their talents to us, big and small, in this filmmaking. Better When I'm Dancin' opening the collection is very bright, kind and full of infinite love. Dreams Don't Turn to Dust is closing one. And the same eerily magnificent! Under Where Them Girls At you can dance and listen to many more times. It became the favorite song of many people who love to dance in that dull gray days.
Now we cannot say for sure how much will the final budget of the movie be, but it is almost paid off already (after 18 days of the start only literally couple of million dollars are required to break-through a box office to pay-off mathematically). It was created with help of work of many wonderful people, among which especially can be noticed Kristin Chenoweth, actress of many solid musicals and Christophe Beck, who created a series of instrumental music.
Cartoon about good, positive attitude to life, despite the fact that everything is falling apart, and you're always occur in some scrapes. About being yourself, that is the best solution. And we wish you a great evening with this animated film!

November, 11th 2016


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