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Paper Planes Soundtrack CD. Paper Planes Soundtrack

Paper Planes lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

January, 10th 2017

Paper Planes album description:

"Paper Planes" is the incredibly bright film. It is the first association that comes to mind. Is this the true fact that the main characters are children, or that it is filled so much with scenes of the long-awaited victory – is unknown. But the feeling of lightness when viewing does not disappear until the very end.
The main role is played by Ed Oxenbould, a charming red-haired boy, who managed, despite his young age, convey the atmosphere and mood of the hero very clearly. Not surprisingly, that the music for the film came out the same: light, full of sun and excitement.
Many songs were recorded with participation of troupe named The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra plays also the main theme of the same name, Paper Planes. Also, several songs were recorded by singer Hannah Coleman. Musical product named A Bird That Cannot Fly became especially popular in the rankings. Inspiring and warm collection completes the composition Learn To Live.
This is stunningly good music. Yes, “stunning” is the very word that we want to use when describing all songs at once. Suppose that there are notes of anxiety and doubts, there are even some inevitable failures, but it's not even about the happy ending. Few people know how much children don’t like the traditional "Friendship has won!" Oh, such a result discourages the desire to fight for something at all! Here we not only see, but hear the spirit of competition, pride for own achievements, and the ability to stand up, when you already want to give up on everything.
Incredibly nice soundtrack – it is wanted not just to listen to, but really to praise him.

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