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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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One of the mermaids in the movie was played by the lead female actor of the film named "Paper Towns" – Cara Delevingne. Beginning her acting career relatively recently, in 2012, Cara has managed to play in 10 films already. The relative fame was brought to her by the role in the already mentioned motion picture that is on the site here also. In addition to acting, she is a successful model and has participated in numerous fashion shows, winning various prizes and awards.
But, of course, she is not the main character. Best known here – the villain who brilliantly acted by Hugh Jackman (known to all as Wolverine from the Marvel's X-men). For the role, Hugh even shaved off his hair to look more intimidating and serious. And for a long time in social networks, he shone his bald head (and we all marveled why he changed the image so dramatically). Now everything stood into place. However, the actor has already grown hair back.
Beginning actor Levi Miller played a major role of Peter Pan. He is now 13 years old, and has 5 films on his account. He is also a model of Ralph Lauren, in youth shows. Perhaps they had lot of gossips to talk about with Cara in the dressing rooms during the free time. We will hear a lot more from this Australian actor, outward appearance and acting talent of which will be opened fully few years later, if his efforts in this field will not weaken.
The collection of 25 songs and non-instrumental are only five. Hugh Jackman takes two of them. Two more are sung by Lily Allen. Fifth composition is called I Believe. Hugh takes quality cover to famous composition Smells Like Teen Spirit with his villainous voice, originally made by Nirvana band. In the second song, Blitzkrieg Bop, he is not audible at all.
A qualitative film, a magnificent collection. Look, listen and enjoy!

November, 15th 2016


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