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Paddington Soundtrack CD. Paddington Soundtrack

Paddington lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

January, 13th 2017

Paddington album description:

The collection of 24 compositions, most of which are in the classical genre (e.g., Marmalade Harvest). Still, there are other genres too – pop (Hello), rock (Born to Be Wild), funk, folk and Latin American. The latter is, by the way, so much here that by the number they are second after the classics. In general, the creators woven Latin American motives, as it seems to us, to offer viewers more contrast to the theme that develops on the screen.
Most of the songs created by Nick Urata, which we do not say is known to the huge masses of listeners. Rather, locally, in the UK, he may be famous. We have not seen films with his music on the world stage, except, of course, this one.
Lovely film about the misadventures of bear named Paddington is a locally well-known fairy tale in the UK, as well as Carlson in Sweden or Tristan and Isolde in Ireland. The British decided to tell us about their national children's hero in the good and fluffy movie where the main character is played by computer graphics, so it is worth to thank computer for this action, created on our screens.
Most of the songs are short musical sketches, and some even reprises, short in duration, up to 1 minute only. The average duration of every composition in the soundtrack is about 2:00.
Listeners will also be pleasantly amazed to hear here such huge stars as, for example, James Brown, pleasing us with his most famous folk-product.
As to the rest – the plot and the history of the other main characters of the film – you can learn yourself, by watching this childish film, which is great to be viewed with the whole family. So, who does not have families yet –urgently get ones!


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