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New In Town Soundtrack CD. New In Town Soundtrack

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New In Town lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2009

20th Century Boy


Another Country

Tift Merritt 

Boss Of Everything

Crit Harmon 

Do Your Stuff

Perk Badger 

Hey You

Natalia Safran and Mikolai Jaroszyk 

I Will Survive

Renee Zellweger 

I'm Movin' Out

APM Music 

In The Thick Of It

Moot Davis 

Just Because We're Over

Marty Jensen 

Life Is Good

Brittini Black 

Move By Yourself

Donavon Frankenreiter 

On The Other Side

Craig N Cisco 

Race You

Elizabeth & The Catapult 


Missy Higgins 

That's Where It Is

Carrie Underwood 

Walking on Sunshine 2004

Katrina and the Waves