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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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An inspiring movie for those who rotates in sports and in general who admires stories about strong people who prevails various difficulties (and even serious physical injuries) to reach what they are strive for. Especially for those who like American football and everything connected with it. For those who is inspired by these life stories, especially if they are played through the prism of many characters that are very vital, serious and focused on success.
The average difference between the age of the film, which was released in 2015 and songs collected in its soundtrack here is about 50 years. Many of the songs came out in the 1960s (for example, Pony Time) and latter is hard to find in the gathering (but you can and Texas Fight is an example of finding). Bright personalities, such as Buck Owens or Billy Walker – those people who are liked by many. Not only individuals, but by whole generations of Americans who take them as preachers of new directions or of very high-quality sound. Wooly Bully – one of songs-riddles here. In the picture, dressed like Oriental Sheikhs (or rather a parody of them), people that play on various musical instruments with the background of some studio, which decorated like an oasis in the desert with a girl, standing like a statue. Melody is so-so interesting, but even if you compare their visual creativity with the usual rock song You Don't Understand Me by Roxette (clip on which was filmed in the real desert), you can immediately see where the studio is with little sand, and where is real desert with real palm trees and other vegetation. Or clip on a song by Madonna, Frozen, which also occurs partly in the desert – the difference stridently obvious, in order not to give a preference to band who performed Wooly Bully.
The collection is vintage.

November, 09th 2016


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