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Moms' Night Out Soundtrack CD. Moms' Night Out Soundtrack

Moms' Night Out lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

March, 31st 2017

Moms' Night Out album description:

Stunning comedy, which is really funny. If you think that this is not a big thing, do not hurry in your conclusions. Number of released truly funny comedies (and not a tragedies or tragicomedies), without templates and with a great music, in recent years, probably equals to zero. This is the only exception. The film does not change all along with light and lax entourage. It has excellent jokes, live characters and you never know what's waiting for you around the corner.
Despite a modest $ 10.5 million of box office, it paid off twice. As a rule, the funniest movies are not those who have big budgets. But those who were filmed with a huge passion and love for art.
Onerepublic right from the start sets a high pace of dance for the entire collection. Just a few compositions here are slow (Dream and Keep Breathing, for instance). We are fallen in love with the voice of Ingrid Michaelson after this collection. She has a fantastic one! On one hand, it seems as quiet. But! How many peacefulness, understanding and depth! This voice created several tunes from this collection. It suddenly crashed into the thickness of dance compositions only, bringing chafing contrast and comely spirituality to the entire collection. And now, sitting after listening of her, we remember not dance hits that are just as good (how bracing was Night Of My Life). But we remember languid and slow voice of Ingrid. And give praises to Lord, Krishna, Buddha, Zarathustra with Quetzalcoatl for such fantastic music in our world!


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