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Million Dollar Arm Album Cover

Million Dollar Arm Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

Million Dollar Arm Tracklist

Million Dollar Arm album description:

Disney made a film about baseball. Dedicated to all lovers of this sport, which is popular strictly within the USA, because other countries simply do not understand it. It is the same as Indonesian rupiah currency – popular only in Indonesia. Have you seen this currency in any other country or your native one? No? That's because it is limited within the geographical borders. The same as baseball is limited by US only. In India, where we are sent with the protagonist according to the plot, a currency is rupiah also, by the way.
Spending $ 25 million on film, the box office managed to gain only USD 38 M. This fact once again proves that the progressive world does not love movies about unprogressive part of our globe. The same happened with Rock the Kasbah, which has collected only USD 2.5 M for nearly a month of rental. But here it is at least a minimum return on the budget. In both first and second films, they are talking about the fact that someone from the USA travels to a third-world country and finds a local talent there. Someone finds the future of baseball, while other finds singer. Anyway, the spiritual experiences of the protagonist and his protégé (in both cases, that is interesting – based on real events) have not become the highlight of the evening.
A good solution was to invite A. R. Rahman to do soundtrack – a man who has received 3 Oscars for his work, 2 – for Slumdog Millionaire. In total, he has over 120 awards and 130 nominations. Colossally productive personality! Sounding turned out good. Susan Boyle (with her I Dreamed A Dream); Chillin’ by Lady GaGa; Katrina. All these are small parts of the great sound collected here.
We encourage you to buy this collection on iTunes, to enjoy its extraordinary sound, with a focus on Asia, magical and mysterious.

February, 16th 2017


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