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Marie Antoinette Soundtrack CD. Marie Antoinette Soundtrack

Marie Antoinette lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2006

August, 08th 2016

Marie Antoinette album description:

This is creation by daughter of Mr. Francis – Sofia Coppola, of the studio American Zoetrope, which is loved by their family to make own films. Marie Antoinette in life, as a real person, was Austria’s princess and the Queen of France in 18 century. Being transferred there because of desire of her mother to make peace between two countries, in her 15, several years later she regained the official status of the Queen. But she found out that she will not be happy to her newly received husband. He didn’t consider her as a wife and was a virgin, so that is why she’s decided not to fall in grief but to have fun to the fullest! So, she started to entertain herself, taking huge amounts of money from the national treasury house, considering it not the property of the French people, but her personal entertainment stash. That is why people called her nothing other but embezzler (‘Madame Déficit’) and eventually the crowd made her run from Versailles, the residence of ruler’s dynasties, to Paris. The film ends on this, but in life, she and her husband were arrested & executed. She was very cold-hearted when headed the guillotine & didn’t say a word of repentance.
Despite many tragedies of her personal life and death, and the revolution that surrounded her last years of life (the same revolution that French people-murderers of their rulers of 18 century now celebrate as the Bastille Day – the day when the governors of the country were cruelly murdered as the result of successful palace coup), the film concentrates only on bright sides of her luxurious living.
Among the popular performers are The Cure with their Plainsong and All Cat's Are Grey – interesting pieces with soft sound and containing almost no lyrics. The same as majority of tracks here have no lyrics like Il Secondo Giorno by Air.

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