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It's Over lyrics - Fatty Koo

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It's Over Song Lyrics

Break it it how you want it cuz we got this
Young rock stallion, the king of the game, holler back
And I got my whole crew with me stay passion blood,
You must have heat
Consider it done a new champion taken for kid
Heavyweight I size you up, man you ain't great
I fill these cards, man you know lIm insane
I be the best there is, there ever was
You remember my name, SHAPOW
I feel the rain
I see you under
Hear the thunder
Let it rain
I been down there before
Gotta crawl before you walk
If you can't battle
I suggest you not talk,
Flip that
Strategize, energize, I guess I lost, I strike back
Put the fig in the yas, show her, yeah
Cant take this from me
This is my life
Burnin' in flames
Tears in my eyes
It's over, It's over
Razz around, wuh, are ya ready or not
Get ready
Cuz I'm takin' the spot
We got this game on lockdown, showed up hard knocks
Ready if you ready, man, come and get it, uh
Do ya got what it takes, take your best shot
Don't stop now, show me what ya got
Cuz we got this stuffed over crew
It's Fatty Koo, man I thought you knew
Build me, know me, my pain, my game
Hot rain tinker is caught, game a stupple put(?)
Round 1, round 2, look man I got you
Face it give it up, my world, my rules
You'll battle my world vengence is my door
Come and knock the ports off
Bombs, we set 'em off
Feel my wrath come down and destroy you, man
I thought I told you, dog, it's over, man
(It's over!)
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