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Music Video

Little Known Facts - Ilana Levine

Soundtrack: You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

Song Lyrics

Little Known Facts Song Lyrics

D'you see this tree?
It is a fir tree.
It's called a fir tree
Because it gives us fur
For coats
And it also gives us wool
In the winter time

I never knew that before, Lucy
That's very interesting

This is an elm tree
It's very little
But it will grow up
Into a giant tree
An oak!
You can tell how old it is
By counting its leaves

Gosh Lucy!
That's fascinating!

Wait a minute Lucy,
I don't mean to interfere but-

And way up there
Those fluffy little white things,
Those are clouds
They make the wind blow
And way down there
Those tiny little black things
Those are bugs
They make the grass grow

Is that so?

That's right
They run around all day long
Tugging and tugging at each tiny seedling
'till it grows into a
Great tall blade of grass

Boy! That's amazing!

Oh good grief!

And this thing here
It's called a hydrant
They grow all over
And no one seems to know
Just how
A little thing like that gives so much water
You see that bird?
It's called an eagle
But since it's little it has another name
A sparrow
And on Christmas and Thanksgiving
We eat them

How can you say that?!
I'm sorry but I can't stand idly by and Listen to you-

And way up there
The little stars and planets
Make the rain
That falls in showers
And when it's cold
And winter is upon us
The snow comes up!
Just like the flowers!

Now Lucy,
I know that's wrong
Snow doesn't come up
It comes down

After it comes up
The wind blows it around so
It looks like it's coming down
But actually
It comes up out of the ground like grass!
It comes up Charlie Brown!
Snow comes up!

Oh good grief!

Why is Charlie Brown
Banging his head against that tree?

To loosen the bark to make the tree grow Faster
Clouds can make the wind blow
Bugs can make the grass grow
There you go!
These are little known facts that now
You know!

[Thanks to Becky, Inudude101 for lyrics]

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