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Madrid Is My Mama lyrics

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Madrid Is My Mama Song Lyrics

Madrid is my mama.
Give me the nipple, every day I'm gonna taste it.
The tears and the drama,
Ten tons of mama milk and not a drop is wasted.
Give me directions straight into the hurricane.
Shake me up and take me to the heart of all the joy, and all the pain.
Put me to bed, I'm tattered up and torn.
But every morning I come out, and I'm reborn.
Reborn, reborn -
I'm your baby.
Bounce me in my buggy on the roads I'm born to bump on.
I'm all right, or maybe I'm all wrong,
but I'm taking this ride, and anyone can jump on.
So when the trail gets stale,
the same old view,
just turn the corner and it's all brand new.
Madrid, I love you, my big Mama!
Gimme little titty, cause I'm hungry every minute.
Technicolor widescreen cineorama -
Live is a movie, and God, I'm glad I'm in it!
Well, well, well, well!
I've been down every street and every cul de sac,
an ever-changing cast of thousands in the back.
Flag goes down, a brand new scene, and then -
flag goes up, the scene is over, they get out,
it all begins again.
Madrid, my Mama, my creator!
She might make me crazy, but I'm not gonna fight her.
I love her madly, even when I hate her.
Push me out? I'll just crawl back up inside her.
So if you wanna go ahead and die, amen!
In another ten minutes you'll be born again.
And it'll all be here, and it'll all be new -
but what you wanna do with it is up to you.
Cause, baby, life is hard, and baby, love is fickle!
It's all a steady trickle
from the umbilical.
Every bump in the road,
every stop, every start.
You can feel her heart!
You can feel her heart!
You can feel her heart!
Ma-ma! Ma-ma!
[Thanks to Brian for lyrics]