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November, 12th 2016
2:05 of pop, which is performed from the stage by the same gentlemen who sang the previous song. Red and black color are always advantageous combined – whether in clothing, as here, or in the design of the hall, buildings, and even in the evening make-up. Generally, it is quite nonsensical song that displays secular society – conversations are empty and wasted, as the water in the sand. Absolutely was no essence to create a scene, clothes and spend time for this piece. Reference: A New York Times review of White Christmas from 1954

Minstrel Show lyrics

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Minstrel Show Song Lyrics

I never cared about the drama
The drama always got my "hammer"
I came from sunny Alabama
Home of the Minstrel show
I think revues are always "bloomers"
They all depend upon costumers
You can have the plays
That are all the craze
At two dollars a throw
I'd rather see a minstrel show
Than any other show I know
Oh! those comical folks
With their riddles and jokes
Here is the riddle that I love the best
"Why does a chicken go...?" You know the rest
I'd pawn my overcoat and vest
To see a minstrel show
The lyrics to "Mister Bones" are as follows:
Ladies and gentlemen, be seated
Mister Bones, Mister Bones
How do you feel, Mister Bones?
Mister Bones feels rattlin'!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, that's a good one
Tell a little story, Mister Bones
Tell a little story, Mister Bones
How can you keep an angry dog from biting you on Monday?
That joke is old, the answer is to kill the dog on Sunday
That's not the way to keep a dog from biting you on Monday
How would you bring the thing about?
Have the doggie's teeth pulled out!
Oh, Mister Bones, that's terrible!
Yes, Mister Bones, that's terrible!
And now we'll hear the ballad singer's pet
A song we'll ne'er forget
By the barnyard quartette
Yes, my darling, you shall be, shall be
Always young and fair to me
That's a song that never will grow old
"Silver threads among the gold"
Mister Interloc'ter
What is wrong with you?
I know of a doctor
Tell about him, do
Sad to say, one day he fell
Right into a great big well
That's too bad
It serves him right
Why speak in such a tone?
He should have attended to the sick
And let the well alone
That's a joke that was told
By the minstrel men we miss
When Georgie Primrose used to sing
And dance to a song like this:
The lyrics to "Mandy" are as follows:
I was strolling out one evening by the silv'ry moon
I could hear somebody singing a familiar tune
So I stopped a while to listen
Not a word I wanted to miss
It was just somebody serenading something like this
There's a minister handy
And it sure would be dandy
If we'd let him make a fee
So don't you linger
Here's the ring for your finger
Isn't it a humdinger?
Come along and let the wedding chimes
Bring happy times
For Mandy and me