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October, 24th 2016
3:51 of magnificent possession with guitar & voice give out the instrumental rock, in which these two components are the main. The first creates a mood, in parallel with the breath of the universe, calm and measured. The second – tells own story to a fertile audience. There are entertaining audio series & lack of video (only 1 still picture). Elliott Smith revealed that is able to create a melancholic, but not depressive mood. If you have a headache – it stops after this song. Reference: More about New Moon (Elliott Smith album)

Going Nowhere lyrics - Elliott Smith

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Going Nowhere Song Lyrics

He waved hello silent like a mime
We met, there's no changing my mind
I won't walk the stairs with you tonight
Going nowhere
The clock moved a quarter of a turn
The time it took a cigarette to burn
She said you got a lot of things to learn
Going nowhere
Saw you move a certain way
Missed you a lot
Return to this abandoned place
Should a been forgot
Echoes drown the conversation out
Echoes that only seem to bring about
A silent expression
Things you may allow
Going nowhere
The steps made a pattern
I'd never seen
I felt like a kid of six or seventeen
I was off in some empty day dream
Going nowhere
It's dead and gone matter of fact
Maybe for the best
Said some things you can't take back
Honestly i guess
The old records
Sitting on the floor
The ones i can't
Put on anymore
He walked over to her like before
Going nowhere
Going nowhere
Going nowhere