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Come Out of the Dumpster lyrics

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Come Out of the Dumpster Song Lyrics

So tonight you made some mistakes
I admit it, you hit a few bumps
But I hate to see you like this
Down on your luck, down in the dumps
Though hope may seem in short supply
You have to move on
You have to try
So come out of the dumpster
Don't leave me standing here
Come out of the dumpster
Its ok; the coast is clear
The cop cars are leaving
Channel 5 packed up its crew
So come out of the dumpster
I'll be right here waiting for you
ROBBIE (spoken)
Ok. I'll try
JULIA (spoken)
All right!
(robbie trys to climb out of the dumpster, but falls back in)
JULIA (sung)
So you're back in the dumpster
Well, thats like a metaphor
Everyone has a dumpster
A stumbling block you can't ignore
But to fight it makes you stronger
And someday you might stand!
So come out of that dumpster
Here, take a hold of my hand
So your first day back wasn't all you anticipated
ROBBIE (sung)
I bit the best man
The bride had to be sedated
But this sort of thing happens all the time
When life gives you garbage
You it to climb!
(Robbie climbs out)
You're out of the dumpster
Now, was that so hard after all?
It was only a dumpster
And from here, it looks so small
Now you're back where you started
On you're way to success
Will you play at my wedding?
[Thanks to Dnc1ngQueen for lyrics]