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November, 22nd 2015
It is of the musical genre. 3:57 of gentle piano sound that accompanies the song with sweet voice of a boy who is just a little bit similar to the voice of Daniel Radcliffe. Similarity ends on this. However, we don’t know how Daniel sings. Maybe good, maybe bad. After all, we have never heard him singing for entire row of films. By the way, there's even a music band named Harry and the Potters, who play rock music. This song, generally, has good voice.

To Have a Home lyrics

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To Have a Home Song Lyrics

I've heard the word before,
But it never meant much more
Than just a thing i've never had.
A "place,"
They say, "hey, know your place!"
But i've never had a place to even know,
Or a face that i could go to
If i needed someone there...
I'm laughing
It's hard to hide a smile
My god, it's been a while
Since i have had a reason to.
To think
It's been here all along
Somewhere to belong,
And a reason,
A something-to-believe-in
I've finally found it,
A place where i'm wanted...
This must be how it feels to have a home
I used to dream about it
But never schemed or counted
On fantasies or wishes-
It breaks a man to see what he misses
And so many nights i'd pray
For a better life, a better day
But i never thought that it'd come true
It's finally here and i don't know what to do
And i'm trying not to cry
This must be how it feels
To have a home
I've finally made it
I've hoped and i've waited
And for the first time in my life, i don't feel so
My heart starts to heal
To know this is real.
This is how it must feel

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