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Reference: Jon Cleary explains 'Frenchmen Street Blues' - Read on

Frenchmen Street Blues lyrics - Jon Cleary

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Frenchmen Street Blues Song Lyrics

Don’t play no Frenchmen street blues
Sprinkle my ashes on Frenchmen street
And don’t shed a tear at the news
Just cut me a loose with a soulful song
Don’t play me no Frenchmen street blues
Hitch me a ride on a river breeze
To Elysian fields so green
And join the spirits looking down to smile
On the back streets of old New Orleans
I served my time in the masquerade
I ran the rough and the smooth
Now paint me a canvas of peace of mind
But don’t play no Frenchmen street blues
I’ll meet you one night in your sultry dreams
Lets drink me a toast as you snooze
I’ll close out my tab at the happy hour
And let go of my Frenchmen street blues