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I Remember/Stranger Than You Dreamt It lyrics - Phantom of the Opera Cast

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I Remember/Stranger Than You Dreamt It Song Lyrics

I remember there was mist
swirling mist upon a vast, glassy lake
There were candles all around,
and on the lake there was a boat,
and in the boat there was a man
Who was that shape in the shadows?
Whose is the face in the mask?
D*** you!
You little prying Pandora!
You little demon
Is this what you wanted to see?
Curse you!
You little lying Delilah!
You little viper
Now you cannot ever be free!
D*** you...
Curse you...
Stranger than you dreamt it
Can you even dare to look
or bare to think of me:
this loathsome gargoyle, who burns in h***,
but secretly yearns for heaven,
secretly... secretly...
Fear can turn to love - you'll learn to see
to find the man behind the monster:
this repulsive carcass, who seems a beast
but secretly dreams of beauty,
secretly... secretly...
Oh, Christine...
Come, we must return
Those two fools Who run my
theater will be missing you.
[Thanks to Sam for corrections]