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Tele-Vee-Shun lyrics - Stan Freberg

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Tele-Vee-Shun Song Lyrics

(Intro) Television, Television - I'm sick of it
Television, Television
Hey Mr. General Public do you realize
We've got a generation here of staring eyes
Nobody ever bothers getting anything done
They just sit around watching on television
The kiddies never run & play out of doors
On top of that they never read books no more
They're playing their Sega and Nintendo
And learning about life from the Jerry Springer show
(Chorus) Oh Television, Television - I'm sick of looking on television
I got the weak in the eyes weak in the head likewise
From sitting and looking at television
The burglar comes sneaking in and break the latch
While grandma she is watching the WWF
She pick him up and out the window she tossed him
She's 90 but she wrestles like Stone Cold Steve Austin
I turn on Ricky Martin and my wife she scream
I fear she going to leave me and run away with him
I wonder why he wiggle waggle to the beat
As a boy he must have had a loose bicycle seat
Last night an unusual thing occurred
The baby he is saying his very first words
It's not daddy or mommy that we hear
He say "do you want to be a millionaire"
I watch the late late movie then I climb the stairs
Get into bed and have television nightmares
Complete with bad commericials that repeat all night
They're not even in color, just black & white
I ask my boy when he grow up what he want to be
I can't get his attention from the MTV
Do you want to be a doctor or a lawyer son
He say I want to be a rock star on television
I got the cable and the satellite too
DVD movies and pay-per-view
I tell why I'm singing this sad sad song
I got 500 channels and they're nothing on
Chorus x 2