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The House on Sunset lyrics

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The House on Sunset Song Lyrics

The patio and exterior of a preposterous Italianate Hollywood mansion, not more than twenty years old, but already shabby from neglect. The deep end of the swimming pool is visible, the rest stretching off into the wings. Floating in the pool, fully clothed, face down, is the body of a young man. Dawn is just beginning to break. Over this image, once it has become established, the VOICE OF JOE GILLIS:
JOE (V.O.)
I guess it was five A.M.
A homicide had been reported
from one of those crazy mansions up on Sunset.
tomorrow every front page is going to lead with this story;
you see an old time movie star is involved,
maybe the biggest star of all.
(By now, a handsome, broad -shouldered man has emerged from the crowd and moved Downstage to address the audience directly: this is JOE GILLIS.)
But before you read about it
before it gets distorted
by those Hollywood piranhas
if you wanna know the real facts
You've come to the right party.
(During this, the stage is irregularly raked by cold blue light which turns out to be thrown by the L.A.P.D. patrol cars, on eof which draws up and disgorges a number of POLICEMEN, who split up; TWO approach the house, while another TWO move over to contemplate the body in the pool.)

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