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Alcoholic lyrics - Cash Crop

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Alcoholic Song Lyrics

Man I've been drinkin' all day
God, I'm f**ked up
f**k that sh*t
You see that girl?
Look at them titties on that b**ch
Man, I bet that's not even a girl
I know, dog - that b**ch had a mustache
I'm bout' to throw up man
Hey, calm down - wait till we get the f**k in their first I gotta move man I'm about to pass out
Now lets make our way back to the VIP
Cuz I been slammin jaeger bombs and I can barely see
The only thing I care about is whats between those knees
I ain't gon' lie I'm tryna find a girl that's drunker than me
I'm cool with weed, no ecstasy, patron and pineapple juice
Beep beep beep beep
Move out the street I'm tryna push this thang through I'm drunk as f**k
Fall out the truck with my Jacob and two(?)
Around the same time that I noticed I was missin' my shoe
They call me an alcoholic
I get f**ked up so I get collic
I'm alright, yea
Yo, Tarantino time
What her name
Lets get some
Yo fresh off the block
Now pull up in the club
I got a pocket full of weed and Hennessy in my cup
All the girls want a picture
Give em' all a hug I stay high as the sky when I'm doing my drugs
A couple uppers couple downers
When I tear the club up If I make it through the night, yea its gon' be dope
Already drank a fifth of goose and ten shots of patron
So if yous an alcoholic
Sing the words to this song
{Chorus} x2
Here's your shoe you drunk dumbass
What's your name?
Are you with that chick that has a moustache?
That's my boyfriend, a**hole!
Hey mister candyman pour me some drinks
Just make me one of everything and bring it out to my seat
And the way you seem to do them by these tables with me I'm in the back
Who in the back Lil' buddy its me!
O' pop a bottle
Tap a keg
Smoke some grass
Get ya' bread
Watch ya' back
Stay ahead
We grade A rich thats what I said
Sip some drank
Sniff the blow
Cuff some hoes
Hit the mode
Take a shower
Change my clothes
Then I take some shots until I hit the floor
{Chorus x2}
I think I've got alcohol poisoning man
Were you with that chick in the kitchen
Man, that's my grandma!
[Thanks to Andi L for lyrics]