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December, 05th 2016
Smokin And Drinkin performed by Danny Brown and it is 2:53 in length. Techno composition in Spanish, which is so active and peremptory as a bull running at you in a famous Spanish annual "running from the bulls" adventure. Composition is good to stir up the bored guests on party or to let them wake up at 4 am, when everything is drunk and eaten already, and all chats was completed also. Reference: Listen here

Smokin and Drinkin lyrics - Danny Brown

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Smokin and Drinkin Song Lyrics

A-Trak, what up?
[Verse 1:]
Drop a deuce in that soda
Tell your ho to come over
Coming straight out that Motor
Sipping oil never sober
Bring backwoods of that OG, we smoking them back-to-back
Molly looking like sugar, so you know that I'm dipping it
See my jeans by the stack, and my shoes cost 'bout half of that
Let's not talk 'bout the shirt
She can't even pronounce that
Ghetto nigga on high end
My theory is low end
My tribe on a quest, put that money in motion
So b**ch, we smoking and drink
Drinking and smoke
My ho got tats on her face
Sell me them cookies from Oakland
But not the kind that you eat, stuff it in Swisher Sweets
And we smoke blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt
I don't know what y'all be thinking
Spaced-out, rolling up that stinky
Big big blunts the size of pinkies
Pour one out, we still be leaning
I don't know what y'all be thinking
Smoking, drinking, drinking, smoking
In that order, we slow motion
'Til it's over, never stop
Smoking and drink
Drinking and smoke
We be smoking and drink
Drinking and smoke [x3]
[Verse 2:]
Gotta get away, to escape, I smoke this kush to the face
Gotta get away, get away, I think I need the brain
Please oh Lord, oh Lord, I need your help again
Took too many pills, and I think I hear my heart beating
Taking over those chances, honey backwoods stuffed with that grammy
My ho blowing on that potter, mixing liquor with them xannies
Stress party, get away, hope that these problems just go away
Right there in my face, I ignore it every day

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