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December, 29th 2016
Many funk + jazz, few words, much meaning invested in the creation of melody. Recorded pretty much years back, as well as almost all the compositions in the soundtrack, this song pours uniformly as a flowing brook. The same type from the beginning to the end. We estimate this melody to 6 at the 10-point scale. Just because too little of emotions expressed in these lines, it is quite smooth on the mood. Reference: "Why?" (Am I Treated So Bad) by The Staple Singers - Songfacts

Why? (am I Treated So Bad) lyrics - The Staple Singers

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Why? (am I Treated So Bad) Song Lyrics

Why am I treated so bad
Why am I treated so bad
You know I'm all alone
While I sing this song
Hear my call
I've done nobody wrong
But I'm treated so bad
Ohh so bad
I'm gonna run
Up to my baby's door
Ask him why
Why, why
He don't love me no more
He was wrong
Said I was too vain
But I'll walk on in
And love him just the same
Thought he treats me so bad
Ohhh so bad