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December, 29th 2016
Blues at the genre, as it is clear already from the title. Artist pulls this melody very well, from the beginning till the end. This is a classic technique for folk blues and his voice fully copes with the task. Completed in 1965, the performer is remembered today by few, but he did sound qualitatively. The song consists of two elements – voice and guitar sound, and without any of it, it is simply impossible to imagine this song. Reference: Protest Song of the Week: 'Alabama Blues' - Read on Shadowproof

Alabama Blues lyrics - J.B. Lenoir

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Alabama Blues Song Lyrics

I never will go back to Alabama, that is not the place for me (2x)
You know they killed my sister and my brother,
and the whole world let them peoples go down there free
I never will love Alabama, Alabama seem to never have loved poor me (2x)
Oh God I wish you would rise up one day,
lead my peoples to the land of pea'
My brother was taken up for my mother, and a police officer shot him down (2x)
I can't help but to sit down and cry sometime,
think about how my poor brother lost his life
Alabama, Alabama, why you want to be so mean (2x)
You got my people behind a barbwire fence,
now you tryin' to take my freedom away from me

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