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Make Room Lyrics - Grits

Soundtrack: Perfect Man

Song Lyrics

Make Room Song Lyrics

Make room
Cause we about to start swelling
Catching attitude
Get buck sweat it up
And really lose cool
Its what we been commissioned to do so
Back on up and give me room
We gotta keep makin moves

My long range aim is dedicated to change
Persist to twist brains with rhymes only god can explain
Attain divine intervention if your attentions arrested
Imprissioned and in position to listen to lessons given
Gotta make moves steadily heavily bruising these dudes
We got the gift but abuse tools misleading these youths see
My birthright is light in the darkness of night
To lead the lost paying the price of sacrificing my life
Ive been sittin and contemplating waiting anxiously peeking
Perception of these releases embracing the deeper reasons
Of timing and perfect season believing this thing is bigger
Than faces and soundscan reaching for the completion
Of purpose in promised land watchin behind the curtain
For certain the game is hurtin looking for some solution
Searchin for revolution like music is the conclusion
Refusing to look at life a livion for forward movement

Oh god don't let me act up i feel a fit comin on
My conniption's my conviction's reaction to what's goin on
My rebuttal's far from subtle take you there just like a shuttle
Gather round the huddle embrace the pace
I spit at give it a kiss and cuddle
Boy what's that there you sayin'
I'm tight like the shorts that men look gay in
Aw lawdy you don' said too much
My slightest touch is a cobra clutch
Let it be known we are the epitomy of
Strange and bizarre
Swichin up and change our repertoire
Come discover who we are
Wreaking havoc on satan's mavericks
Through a labyrinth filled with nooks
And crannies (an elite group called
The factors) we like the x-men so uncanny
Imagine looking up seeing the plastered ceiling cracking
It aint because we broke we lost our
Minds for god provoked and crazy actin

Back on up
Back on up
Ah yeah back on up
Move cowards
Move all you cowards move
He scared she scared
And if you scared then move

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