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October, 31st 2016
Yet another rock composition, which highly organically would sounded at whatever movie by Quentin Tarantino, for example, at his latest The Hateful Eight (on special effects of which worked phenomenal Greg Nicotero, known to all by his The Walking Dead). The same gloomy, sad, but above all, solid composition is very similar to It's A Dark Night of From Dusk Till Dawn of the mentioned director. Heavy rock, interspersed with the usual guitar plunk. Gorgeous sound! Reference: Blues Saraceno - Wikipedia

Evil Ways lyrics - Blues Saraceno

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Evil Ways Song Lyrics

Its been so long
Long hard days
They dont say
Gods change my ways
Change my ways
Those evil ways
So I set out
Cross that way
Strike them down
To make them pay
Change their ways
Their evil ways
But I can’t hide
And I won't hide
Oooooo Yeah!
My Evil Ways
I found out
The hate grow cold
The god rise up
Damn my soul
Cause I ain't change
Change my ways
I ain't change
So I won't hide
I won't hide
I can't hide Yeah!
I can't hide HEY!
My evil ways
(Long Solo)
Well I can't hide
And I won't hide
Ooooo yeah!
Well I can't hide
Ooooo ouh!
Caus’ I can't hide
My evil ways