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November, 22nd 2015
The genre is romance. It starts with the sound of cello and violin. This melody is actively developing with two male voices, whose owners are certainly some prominent men, with clean-shaved cheeks and chin. One has a voice like Willem Dafoe, this British actor who had won many awards. The second sounds like a voice of the standard Prince from the Disney's motion pictures.

Pierre & Andrey lyrics

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Pierre & Andrey Song Lyrics

(Pierre visits Andrey)
Well, how are you?
Still getting stouter?
There's a new wrinkle
On your forehead old friend
It's good to see you
It's been way too long
My friend, you are in need
Your face is gloomy
No, I am well
There's a war going on
Forgive me for troubling you;
I have received a refusal from Countess Rostova and have heard reports of your brother-in-law having sought her hand, or something of that kind
Here are her letters
Please give them to the Countess
Natasha is ill
She has been at death's door
I much regret her illness
And he smiled like his father
Coldly, maliciously
Well, it doesn't matter
You told me once
A fallen woman should be forgiven
But I didn't say that I could forgive
I can't
Yes, ask her hand again, be magnanimous, and so on?
Yes, that would be very noble
But I can't be that man
If you wish to be my friend
Never speak of that again
Well, goodbye
(Pierre takes the letters to Natasha)