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Dogs Versus You lyrics - Lucky Stiff Cast

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Dogs Versus You Song Lyrics

Harry: Alright, you're following us. Who are you?
Annabel: My card.
H: Ms. Annabel Glick,
Representative of the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn?
A: We were your late uncle's favorite charity
H: Don't tell me you've come all this way for a handout
A: I have come all this way for the money Mr. Witherspoon
All six million dollars of it. You see,
There are dogs in despair, who need shelter and care
And who don't have a bone to chew
You have pink satin sheets; they spend nights on the streets
It's the dogs, the dogs, it's the dogs versus you
We are down on our needs braving rabies and fleas
It's a job someone has to do
We need food, we need tags, doggie toys, doggie bags
For the dogs
Both: The dogs
A: It's the dogs versus you
How I wish you could meet the needy dogs I've known.
H: Oh please.
A: How much good you could do in the greater NY area alone.
Picture one (no) hungry hound (no)
Picture pups (no) at the pound (no)
Or the poor (no) little lost shiatsu
H: Who?
A: Think of beagles (no) who beg (no)
St. Bernards (no) with no keg
It's the dogs.
H: I hate dogs
A: You hate dogs?
H: Oh how I wish (needy dogs) you could see (hungry dogs)
The kind of life I've had (25,000 starving dogs)
If you think (save the dogs) I'll go back
You're absolutely, positively mad
A: I'm prepared
H: So am I
A: This is
Both: do or die
It's so nice that we both agree
It's the dogs, the dogs
A: Versus you
H: And you
Both: Versus me. After you

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