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November, 07th 2016
4:45 begins with a guitar solo looks like a workout before the actual performance. As if the overture, with an instrument tune-up. But the same Indie songs start. Like this Indie pop, with a good male voice, similar to the Coldplay’s soloist. Only here it sounds far from the microphone, creating a feeling of a giant hall in which the recording is produced. And Coldplay sing as if always in small rooms, and a microphone is so close to the lips that almost swallowed. Reference: The Dodos: Individ Album Review on Pitchfork

Companion lyrics - The Dodos

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Companion Song Lyrics

Insipid wait and so we play
No story games, could you behave?
I hold you in, you're holding out
If I can wait, could you be mine?
Are we the same? could we behave?
As companions
You hold me in, I'm holding out