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It's Like Everyday

DJ Quick f/ R. Kelly & Maus-Berg Lyrics


It's Like Everyday Lyrics

It's Like Everyday Song Lyrics

[Quik talking:]
Yeah, ain't nothin' changed, y'all niggas still obvious.
Yeah, it's for real though hmph
Now we don't wanna talk about all the people I'm supportin'
that's more important to a nigga than them diamonds you sportin'
Ain't a sell-out or a bail-out although life is a b**ch
and I'm beginning to think that they don't wanna see Quik rich
Cause I'm gon' gather up my homiez & put something in they bellies
ride around the town bumpin' that CD from R.Kelly
gettin' at them ghetto queens if you know what I mean
'cause it ain't nothin' like some lovin' dipped in afro sheen
Break it down with two gates in that burgundy eight
'cause real riders don't three wheel they just drown on the skate
Send a care package to my homiez up in Natches
and shoot a kite 'bout how these suckas keep my Benz up in scratches
It ain't no puzzle that's to be expected
sometimes I think they only come around it just to see if I wrecked it
I feel like hittin' the 101 leavin' town on a bike
on my way up to the Bay to clear my mind cause it's like...

[Chorus (R.Kelly)]
Everyday is a scuffle
turnin' them corners to get my hustle
Every single dollar is a struggle
that's how it is comin' up in the ghetto

Now I don' been through it all pushin' work on the boulevard
runnin' from the 5-0 in somebody else car
Ghetto dreams so it seems to be easy
think about my life & I get queasy
Pumpin' the pimp knowin' it ain't helpin' me
but the ghetto got me trapped thinkin' this is how it's s'posed to be
a cold thang when you knowin' yo' gang ain't got yo' back
but you still put yo' life on the line for no snaps.

This ghetto world is one big battlefield
that's why we get rich and move to them hills
Everywhere we go the haters tag along
but don't let that stop you get yo' hustle on

But dog you gotta do yo' thang get yo' grind on
eliminate the fake & keep yo' game strong
Don't let the streets be yo' downfall
Keep it real with yo'self & you gon' rise 'til you ball dog


It's gettin' down to ground level but tryin' to keep time
'cause my hustle & my tustle is my beats & my rhymes
and I'm lovin' this collabo' 'cause Rock Land is saucy
and Quik is trying to get Versace staying flossy wit Mausy
But the...

...drama don't stop but you can make it better
don't point your finger at the next man get yo' cheddar
Lifestyles of a thug ebonic definition dog nothin' but love
but we gon' ride to 'til we can't ride no mo'
Pop a bottle a pair of D's and let the wind blow
When you get it appreciate it 'cause those who ain't got it gon' hate
every dime is a struggle so I'ma suffer everyday

Now my conscience got me wonderin' do I be in the flow
and this sucka's got me wonderin' if he friend or foe
Now do I sin to grow, knowin' there's consequences
and I'm tired of gettin' bent 'cause it's dullin' my senses

[Chorus 'til end]