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25 to Life

Xzibit/Juvenile/Nature/Ja Rule/Reptile Lyrics


25 to Life Lyrics

25 to Life Song Lyrics

Yo', to my people doin' time
Xzibit, Juvenile, y'all need to
Wake up everybody
Nature, Ja Rule, Reptile
Come on, bring the heat

Look, I made you mein
Livin' in this house of pain
Stuck with a thousand street hustlers down on they luck
Repeat felons caught up with the def I was sellin'
And for the past three months, yo' I could still hear
my victims yellin'
But I can't listen to my conscience, it's nonsense
If I didn't shoot, I'd be the Indian in the suit
In the box under the ground, fox-chased by the hound
Like vermin and frown, Xzibit get down

By liftin' iron by the pound for the tough individual
Wanna run his mouth, throw some hands with the General
Walk one day in the shoes of a criminal
Def disease, keep your luxuries to a minimal
I'm not talkin' 'bout weed, jewels, and Bentleys
I'm talkin' about clean clothes, hot food, and Dentine
See what I mean, livin' with the scum of the earth
Hit with plenty of time towards just of life from the

For every rhyme I write be 25 ta life

You got me thug innocent, look I ain't do this s@#$
You don't wanna hear my side, but you believe in that
You're makin' my nerves bad, I need to smoke me a Joe
'Cause I know y'all ain't even thinkin' about lettin'
me go
Where my lawyer, in contempt, Juvenile ain't nothin'
for ya
Yo', go tell it to my mother and my father
But they gon' cuss you out, so don't you even bother
You know that b@#$% ain't right
That b@#$% didn't see nuttin' 'cause it was dark at
But I guess us niggas look the same to y'all
Passin' ?? like the game of ball
This is my third felony, plus my third strike
Man, I ain't goin' home, I got 25 ta life

For every rhyme I write be 25 ta life

Q.U., New York
You try to criticize me, I criticize you
Been the same motherf@#$er since high school
And he be that s@#$ light tool with crazy wattage
Blankin' out, bought my first 8 ball for $80
Learned who not to trust, grew up obnoxious
Some niggas start to hate me, same time the boys in
blue watch us
Circlin' but they don't slow down
Take you to court, think you seein' Judge Joe Brown
They just actin', and he's throwin' Tyson back in
Another year, f@#$in' with a nigga's career
I cock back at you, bust in the air, give me space
Beats with plenty bass, drink my Hennessy straight
Till I earl out, Third World clout
I'll take niggas hearts and turn killers into girl scouts
Work of arts, Picasso's from the hydro roller/hustler
CEO/retired soul

For every rhyme I write be 25 ta life

Kill or be killed, behind the wall, 40 days short
Still the thought of murderer true to this sport
I bang with the best ??? real criminals
Now I'm in with these youngins lookin' to feel me out
Hollarin' ¡®bout how they gon' hit on me now
And this is real wild, bangin' before child
New case, new trial, I don't give a f@#$
I'm playin' the yard, I stick to my n@#s
Ready to self-destruct, Lord, I don't wanna die
Move about with your honor to hit me with 25
I know the real recognize every hustle
And die with niggas in the struggle, you feel me

Oh, God, shells loaded
In the summer I auto quoted a known cat, never voted
Picture me on the scene huntin' for green
Is like Mike Meyers trick-or-treatin' on Halloween
Mash down in fatigues, servin' the fiends
Kill or be killed, metal pipes under the sleeves
In the city slicker, bust Tex, a buff says roughneck
Love liquor and act figures
Blood sport on the streets, no gloves
Pullin' knives out the fridge, handin' out cold cuts, uh
Street's real, thug, so recognize, thug
Close your eyes, thug, you ¡®bout to die, thug
Call up the President, I'm blowin' up your residence
Spills acid on the corpse to clear the evidence
Protestors outside screamin', "Freak out, he ??? up
out it"
SWAT teams is ready with the shotty

For every rhyme I write be 25 ta life
Y'all need to
Wake up everybody
For every rhyme I write be 25 ta life
Y'all need to
Wake up everybody

For all my people doin' time
Keep your head up
Wyclef, Jerry Wonder
New millenium, new millenium, come on