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From the Dead lyrics

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From the Dead Song Lyrics

Before today, this bloody field was my own hunting ground.
I stalked my prey, I tracked it down, and moved without a sound.
Then, like a plague, this wolf pack came and tipped the scales of change.
How to strange to be the hunter and then become the game.
What I set out to kill found me and, henceforth, blood did flow.
My horse came out from under me, my dogs died in the snow.
But fear was never present, I was calm and unafraid.
The man I was before this fight is ever changed today.
My blood, it roars like thunder in this mortal breast,
Purified by battle and the smell of death.
The blood-red scent of slaughter fills my lungs.
And from the dead a new awakening comes.
And from the dead I feel a strength I've never known,
A thrill that fills my heart, yet chills me to the bone.
And from the dead, the power of the wolf is torn.
It seems as if from death a whole new world is born.
See me...wolfkiller!
See me...wolfkiller!
See me!